An Open Letter to America’s Media from An Average American

Death of Journalism

I’m a 70 years old with a 60 year old relationship with our Nation’s Major Networks

I watched them as a child in the 50s, I was innocently entertained and usually impressed!

And, as a teen in the 60s, you glorified the “Love Child Hippie, Lifestyle” and their opposition to the Vietnam War, which was foreign to me, yet, I thought you to have pure motives.

In the 70s, I believed you as a young father and thought you were at least unbiased in your political reporting.

In the 80s the years of my middle age, I thought you played the roll as the self proclaimed “watchdog” as you called yourself “the 4th branch of government”.

In the 90s, when I had teens of my own, I began to see a change in you. The link with Hollywood of CA & Broadway of New York, seemed to influence your reporting of the News.

In the beginning of the 21st Century, the Influence that Hollywood Network Executives had on your broadcasts and reporting became obvious as more “drama” seasoned the delivery and factual news of the day that did not reinforce the Networks Liberal perspective was simply NOT considered news.

I the 2010s, your Liberal relationships had made your polls and political commenting suspicious to say the least, weakening your “Truth Based Foundation” in our eyes.

Today, in the 20teens, you have betrayed not only me, but America. Your biased attitude has driven 60% of America away in their search of accurate reports of current events.

I long for the Free Press that the Founders wrote to protect. A Communications Media that was Independent. Who’s view was as individually owned as the business they worked for.

What we have now is a National News Monopoly that reports the News Feed that they get with great harmony! None of the Major Networks EVER take an opposing view!

I believe Washington, Jefferson & Adams would roll over in their graves, could they see the Media of today.

It means that YOU, the Main Stream Media, have lost your credibility! That means “We the People” are forced to go elsewhere for what we believe to be fact!

The problem to most of us average Americans is obvious! To be Trusting the same Corporative Executives that hire Entertainment personnel, to hire News Anchors hasn’t worked.

I believe it would be appropriate if we at least had a Commemorative Service (If not a funeral Service) for the death of our National, and to a lesser degree, our Local Television News Services. It’s indeed a time to grieve!

We NEED to redefine “Freedom of the Press” as it relates to National Monopolies.

Author: livinginthemastersshadow

Christian, Conservative, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Retired Engineer, Firefighter, Paramedic, Elder in the Church, Hunter, Fisherman and Fisher of men

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