An America With Diminishing Values

Orig. Dec 14, 2012 Updated Oct 2, 2017
After each tragedy like Las Vegas, NV, the airways are filled with comments politicians, pundits, medical experts, etc. who express opinions, ideas and sometimes accusations. None of them seem willing to raise the issue of Leadership and its role in these occurrences except to point at the current administrations. Certainly we have always had (and always will have), citizens who for one reason or another are “living on the fringe”. Those who need help. Their decision making process is difficult, confusing & floundering to say the least. Some of them live a lifetime like this, while for others, its more temporary. I believe those people living in that “fringe”, need clarity from society to influence them positively to aid them in making better decisions. The reason we are seeing more of these horrible acts is because we as a society (and this is where consistent Leadership fails us), no longer present a clear image of what our values are to our children and to those “on the fringe”. This group is not one of small numbers! The longer we allow this lack of clarity to go on, the larger their numbers grow. Here’s just an example; No matter where you stand on the Abortion Issue, you have to agree that it is not as simply presented as it once was to Americans decades ago. Today, We show very little respect for life, we promote it as healthy! The nation permits millions of abortions and violates even basic common sense by promoting silly thoughts like; “that growth” in a woman is not really a human being while our media and educators continually attack and/or question our values, and misrepresent our history! This makes it extremely difficult for many people (especially for those on the fringe), to make decisions regarding life itself? Finally they take the same liberties that our political (and sometimes religious) leaders have already taken which do not respect life! Our leaders decry our loss of order! We allow our schools to de-emphasize God insinuating he is not important, to treat life itself as expendable, they often proclaim “who are we to judge”, they allow extreme minorities to change the culture of the majority by using our own courts against us. Those “on the fringe” and our youth are those who most need clarity of values from leadership. Our Leaders as of the last few decades have failed us miserably in this area. I wonder when, if ever, any will have the courage to address this. Who are some of these leaders? Politicians, educators, clergy to start with. I’m not saying all are guilty, but many of us have chosen the easy path instead “of the defense of truth”, every time we do, we lose a bit more of our clarity and the Fringe grows! More confusion and crazy decisions are made, and we as a Society pay for it! More finger pointing, new laws and meaningless sound bytes that attempt to convince us that something is being done! But NO……, Our problem certainly cannot be LEADERSHIP!  

Bob Nejedlo

Author: livinginthemastersshadow

Christian, Conservative, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Retired Engineer, Firefighter, Paramedic, Elder in the Church, Hunter, Fisherman and Fisher of men

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