A Quiet Walk till I Rest

October 5, 2014
In the Autumn of my life, it seemed wise to take a slow walk in a peaceful place to meditate.

Life as of lately had been a bit stressful, with new aches and pains, and new Meds to take.

As I approached the wooded area, on the bend in the river I had come to know so well,

I noticed a shadowy figure lurking just out of sight and I heard a tolled bell.

Drawing near to my wife we walked & took pictures, but the figure, remained & with us did abide,

I recognized him as “the winter of my life” and he came closer to both of our sides.

This quiet afternoon, I realized I’d met him and he was not threatening to me or my wife.

He drew closer, made himself comfortable and stayed, welcome or not, Nite after Nite.

And then at my Doctors office, appeared an important new guest, who’s name I determined was Death.

He lurked in the distance just hanging around, not making himself clear nor making a threat.

Surely I thought, he would whisper and frown! But Then he began to reveal a plan to lay down.

He whispered.. It’s days weeks or months, but you still have some time, So don’t Wear a frown.

Death’s not quite as grim as some have supposed. He gently suggested a path to select.

“Sit down with your God and review His great promises, then order your life as His Word directs”.

The stranger whom I deemed was closed mouthed and destructive

Required that I hush and hear God be instructive.

Even His Son when dealing with Death, talked to his Father about the pains of a man.

I prayed fervently that my body be healed, but I just like Jesus, I bowed down to God’s plan.

(Added September 4, 2017)
The prayers of believers were heard by my God, to begin a long process, my health to restore.
He led us, step by step on the path that we trod, and on me great blessings did my mighty God pour.

He whispered to me “I’m not done with you yet!” I’ll fill you and guide you and show you the way.

Together we’ll fish, and I’ll fill your net! Until face to face we meet on that glorious day!
Bob Nejedlo

Author: livinginthemastersshadow

Christian, Conservative, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Retired Engineer, Firefighter, Paramedic, Elder in the Church, Hunter, Fisherman and Fisher of men

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