FCC Chairman: Chinese 5G a ‘Major Concern’ for United States

Pai raises concern over national security—including surveillance and espionage—connected to Chinese 5G products

“In a sense the social credit score being utilized along with such internet censorship and thought con- trol—derived from CCP criteria—is the digital equivalent of tattooing

serial codes on the foreheads of Chinese citizens and those peoples unfortunate enough to live in foreign authoritarian regimes who are now importing this technology of surveillance, control, and brutal repression.”

In his remarks, Pai framed the discussion about 5G and the United States’ security as one in which the nation “cannot afford to take a risk and hope for the best. The stakes are too high.”

“For too many years, some have dismissed this concern as hypothetical, or as a smokescreen for protectionism. But if there is a silver lining to the episodes of the past month, it is that millions of Americans have now come to understand that the threats posed by the Chinese Communist Party are comprehensive and all too real.”

Meanwhile, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said in an interview with Bloomberg on Nov. 3 that licenses would be coming “very shortly” for U.S. companies to sell components to Huawei amid hopes of reaching the “phase one” trade deal with China.

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