Calamity for a loved one! Is Intervention Possible?

I know a man, a man that has always tended to drink a bit too much, occasionally.

Occasional incidents popped up “after a few” ending in arguments and fights.

His family and close friends were always reluctant to approach him when he was sober.

Believe it or not this man has a good heart. He’s been known to give the shirt off his back frequently! So hurting him would be a difficult thing.

A drastic change took place in his personality upon retirement. He had to “take orders” all his life and was NO LONGER going to do so!

All his loved ones saw this even when sober! But it was really obvious when he drank, which was increasingly becoming a larger problem weekly!

He drank much more often and usually far too much in one session. This began to consistently end an evening in verbal abuse and arguments followed by ultimatums.

Close and distant family members and good friends were often brought to the “fight or flight” option after an evening with him. They had to ask themselves, “Do I attempt to help him with the truth now? Or, should I walk, and enable him to dig deeper into addiction?”

Now, I see this man’s Family, Relatives and friends begin to think of him, not as the man he used to be, to them, but as the Alcoholic who is uncontrollable and a potential threat to them and theirs!

Those same people who have always welcomed opportunities to spend time with him, are now reluctant to even say yes to an invitation. THESE ARE THOSE THAT LOVE HIM!

Please pray that all of us among the group who LOVE HIM, have the courage to LOVE him enough to intervene with a loving letter of truthfulness and a simple request to him that he NOT leave this ugly LEGACY of “A man driven by an Addiction” be what his Grandkids will remember him by!

If you read this, and know me, and probably know him, agree to send him your own letter asking him to reconsider the course he’s on! Maybe with prayer and gentle intervention, we can fill his final years with loving relationships and respect.

Bob Nejedlo

Author: livinginthemastersshadow

Christian, Conservative, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Retired Engineer, Firefighter, Paramedic, Elder in the Church, Hunter, Fisherman and Fisher of men

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