The Cure has to be Strong!

The Cure has to be Stronger!

Yesterday a watched a little bit of GMA (Good Morning America). It’s something I do less and less these days because they have gone from just depressing to downed right unpatriotic! The “news” topic was N. Korea and how that Country has now indicated a willingness to consider a denuclearized Korean Peninsula. They talked about how good that would be, and how amazing it was that N Korea was willing, now, to talk to the U.S.. At that point President Clinton’s PR Officer said “I guess we’ll have to give “Trump” some credit for this?” The female news person said “I guess we could call it “The madman diplomacy”. I may have missed a few words on these quotes, but you get the jest! That is when I had had enough and turned GMA off… again!

You know there many of us (Average Americans) out here who have seen the stagnant state of Washington DC for decades. We faithfully have gone to the poles every four years and then two years later taking part in OUR process of changing our government till it works! We work, serve and sometimes die for our country, but us survivors, continue on! We are just regular folks who tend to believe who seem to be genuine people running for office. Well this guy, being one of them, had heard the same promises without any answers long enough! I’ve seen our S.S. dollars squandered. Money given to illegal aliens, and many others who NEVER contributed to the System! To welfare cases, to relief victims, etc. HEY! THIS WAS NOT THE PLACE TO FIND ALL THESE FREE GIFTS FOR THE NEEDY! If Congress wanted to step up and help certain groups, they should have had the courage to VOTE for such expenditures, and NOT simply steal it from Seniors! Now, us Seniors are called “Entitlists” by these same crooks! It’s not just S.S., in the name of “Gridlock” they claim they CANT get anything done! Yet, they find ways to increase expenditures every year! Not on projects that would help fix OUR problems! It’s amazing how over the same period of time that S.S. And Medicare have gone down the slide called “potential bankruptcy”, that funds needed to give Congressional Employees, Congressmen, and many Government Employees benefits, sufficiently swelled to allow many to become, or retire as Millionaires! Unlike our Medical Programs, (like Obama Care, UGH!), their Medical Services compares to that of Kings & Queens!

The SWAMP that President Trumps seems to be trying to drain is real! I’m tired of seeing the Liberal Network News turning their heads and closing their eyes to REAL news and selling us the same Politically Correct Crap we’ve been told for decades! We no longer have a Free Press! We have a Network Media System, paid and controlled by the same people who own and operate all the Hollywood and Broadway Liberal Syndicates!

They have NO CREDIBILITY! I Don’t Believe News Reports from these guys! Everyone of us should some alternative news sources that report unfiltered news, and use them daily! At least get a taste of the opposition’s side and stop swallowing the lemonade on your Six-O-Clock News!

Bob Nejedlo, March 7, 2018

Author: livinginthemastersshadow

Christian, Conservative, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Retired Engineer, Firefighter, Paramedic, Elder in the Church, Hunter, Fisherman and Fisher of men

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