America Needs to Find His Way!

Like many of you, I am first a Christian, then a Husband and family man, then an American. Each of these titles require responsibilities. First and foremost I am a believer in Christ, responsible for my role in carrying out His “Great Commission”, began when He initiated the Kingdom of God on earth. I believe the responsibilities of a Family man are obvious. In America, citizenship carries many responsibilities. At all times, my course of action while fulfilling my responsibilities to family and Country must be governed by my understanding of God’s Kingdom! As America slowly walks away from her Spiritual foundation, her needs clash with those of God’s Kingdom on earth. To a Christian, these departures from the faith of our fathers are obvious. One clear sign can be found by simply reading the platforms espoused by major political parties. Another is the number of mothers willing to “abort” their babies. Also, we continue to misinterpret our constitution to exclude God from public life. The list goes on. It is not my purpose to wax political. My purpose is to simply say that the further we move from God, the darker our path gets! The darker our path, the more we find ourselves asking “Why?”. I close by saying “AMERICA MUST TURN BACK TO GOD!”, so this great Kingdom CLASHES with God’s less often. Our forefathers didn’t find THEIR WAY, they found HIS WAY!

Author: livinginthemastersshadow

Christian, Conservative, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Retired Engineer, Firefighter, Paramedic, Elder in the Church, Hunter, Fisherman and Fisher of men

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