Who Are You Getting Your News From?

As I write articles for my Blog, I categorize them. This article ended up under “Politics”, but I considered “Religious” for some time before making that decision! As you read, you’ll see why.

I have noted a trend in American behavior in the past decade or so. It seems that we have given “free reign” to those who are displeased with “what is said” in their presence and want to deny others the right to say it. It started with an ugly word that offends almost everyone I know! The perfect word to “be the poster-Word” for “denied speech”! It was the word Niger. It was not a law that made this a “denied speech” word, it was basically Mob Rule. Leading the mob were the Extreme Left (especially the Media, (who’s News Casters immediately started to use the phrase “the “N” Word”!), followed by Academia and the Public in general. The results were great! We virtually never hear the word out loud at all anymore! Really, it is nice to not hear that atrocious word. But the principal it established regarding Freedom of Speech and Expression was not that beautiful! Following right behind that were other minority’s who were offended too! Atheists for example felt they had a “right” to NOT hear anything religious, and established an organization called “Freedom from Religion Foundation”. Muslims decided the Christian Cross offended them, women were offended by men for a thousand reasons and citizens were offended by Police who were doing there jobs! And, the Media were thrilled that all the new chaos that they helped create supplied them with so many juicy Headlines!

What had not been reported in the midst of all this is what was happening to one of America’s core principles! Freedom of Expression. Our Founding Fathers were all Theists. Most were Christians! Their basic understanding of God established what we today call “their World View”. It was their belief that God’s Plan to free men was made possible by God’s “Great Commission” to the Church to Go out to the whole world and tell other men the good news! They realized that God saw value in a world where men could openly discuss their ideas! They recognized that God was not intimidated by hearing ugly things being verbalized. From that recognition, they derived a confidence that if open and free speech were to occur, that ultimately Truth would reign, and the result would be good.

This principle was the underlying platform that Freedom of Expression was built upon. It has worked in America for 200+ years. Look at the world folks. Oppression of speech, behavior, belief, and of life’s choices, exist in many Countries. It exists to the point of death by beheading!

We must re-embrace the reality that we must have “Freedom of Expression”, and that we DO NOT want “Freedom From from Expression”! We need to hear the opinion of others and to be free to express our opinion. Therein lies the ability of men to “bond”! We need to risk offending others as much as we need to risk others offending us so we can better understand one another! Embracing this reality has been the basis for a 200 year success resulting in an America with men of all different cultures, races & religions have tolerated and respected each other’s belief! Where each of us are willing to sacrifice our “need” for others to believe exactly like us. We still have a free marketplace of ideas to absorb, ponder and reject or embrace! WILL WE KEEP THAT MARKETPLACE?

A large part of this “Marketplace” is influence and controlled by our Media! I can’t tell you how much disdain I have for most of America’s Media now! At one time they were casually called “The Fourth Branch of our government”. We need to remember that when the founders included a “Free Press” to be one of our fundamental Rights, (and rightly so), the Press of their day consisted of hundreds (maybe thousands) of Privately Owned small Print Shops. They were indeed free! Not so anymore!

As the Radio & Television ERA evolved, it’s survival was based on income from advertising just like its Ma and Pa predecessors. But to expand their outreach and market, required a much higher level of capital. To fill this need, investors were pursued, Corporations were formed and Entertainment was added as a profitable product as solutions to increase exposure and viewership.Over the decades as technology grew and capital flowed in, the Entertainment Divisions of each network, because of their influence on increased revenues, began to assume leadership positions in the Corporations. After a few more decades the tail began wagging the dog!

Mergers and acquisitions of Print Media in the late 1900s till now, made possible by wealthy major Networks (Broadcast & Cable), have brought that Media under the same “Entertainment Oriented” Management as is the Television Media.

The result is a Hollywood minded, Large Market Oriented, management style in almost all News Organizations! Practically all of today’s Media Management is hired and paid by Entertainment based Structure! So, here we are. Expecting these guys to bite the hands that feed them and give us “Unbiased News”! We’ve allowed this to happen! We no longer have the necessary “Fourth Branch” of Government available to spread pure unadulterated news! The Adage, “we report, “You decide” can no longer be used by any of them until we bust up this “News Monopoly” with Anti Trust Laws! I don’t expect this to happen without gads of Prayer!

Bob Nejedlo

November 18, 2017

Author: livinginthemastersshadow

Christian, Conservative, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Retired Engineer, Firefighter, Paramedic, Elder in the Church, Hunter, Fisherman and Fisher of men

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