A Thought on The Lord’s Day! (Aren’t they All!)

I woke up early this morning with thoughts for my Morning Devotion;

I am so thankful this morning that as a young man, God revealed to me the reality of His Son Jesus! Not only that “He Was & Is”, but He also revealed to me the importance of understanding His precepts! At that early stage in my Christianity, I saw that simply learning verses by words or numbers was not what God wanted for me! He wanted me to learn “His precepts” ! Now, as an older man, I am amazed at the depth and Wisdom that is available from every word in Scripture. I have come to be so thankful for the excitement that I feel in my heart when I spend time with God in His Word or in Prayer! That feeling is God’s Spirit communicating (Blessing) my spirit. He is renewing my thoughts, my mind again, about things that I can then begin to renew in my life! The order is simple, and scriptural; He renews my spirit, then my spirit renews my mind, then my mind brings my body into subjection! But.. for this to happen, I believe WE must acknowledge both His Existence, and the fact that we ARE CREATED in His image and HAVE a spirit! God Bless You All this Advent Season!

Author: livinginthemastersshadow

Christian, Conservative, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Retired Engineer, Firefighter, Paramedic, Elder in the Church, Hunter, Fisherman and Fisher of men

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