12 Important Biblical Points for Us to Remember

1) God created us in the Garden to live in Peace and Tranquility, knowing only good.

2) Mankind chose to go his own way rather than God’s way.

3) Each of us has a “spirit” which died on that day of rebellion.

4) The death of our spirit made communication with God difficult.

5) God’s continual pursuit of us resulted in Jesus and the Cross. (An Option for us to gain the “rebirth” of our spirit” and enjoy true life again.)

6) Now, the Kingdom of God (The Church) lives among all of God’s Creation, doing God’s work, which is to bring THIS Good News to all of God’s creation!

7) Because God knew many of us (having free will) would choose “our own way” even now, he sets into place Governments of men! Some (very few) choose to honor him, by embracing the two great commandments: ((1) Love God & (2) Love your neighbor!), others muddle through their man-made system as best they can!

8) Thru allowing us the processes of self rule and free rule, God provides us with a “modicum” of law (man’s law) & order! With that law and order, God expects His Kingdom, the Church, to fulfill its role!

9) He call upon all of us to respect these man made institutions so sufficient order enables individuals to hear His truth, and choose Him over themselves!

10) We need to remember that these man made institutions, Democracies, Socialism, Communism, Kingdoms, etc. are NOT perfect. They were not God’s choice but our own choices!

11) The Kingdom of God (Christianity) lives in all of them! It tolerates and respects them if they provide the modicum of law and order required to allow men to choose Him! Exorcise Free Will!

12) We, those who embrace the sacrifice that God himself made (The Cross) must remember that our Trust MUST be in God, and NOT any government! We are required by God to be dutiful good citizens who honor and respect government and fellow citizens, in order to continue doing God’s Work

Some of Social Media Websites don’t Post Christian Material! If you experience this, send them a note of disapproval!

Author: livinginthemastersshadow

Christian, Conservative, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Retired Engineer, Firefighter, Paramedic, Elder in the Church, Hunter, Fisherman and Fisher of men

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