God’s Desire for us All!

Periodically, I like to “personalize” scripture as though it was written “just” to me instead of us all. It seems to make it more personal! Below, I’ve done so with Psalms 81:10-16. When you see my name “Bob”, replace it with your own to see if it works for you! (I did not change the pronouns, that’s up to you. Hope it helps you as much as it does me!

11   “But Bob did not listen to my voice;

    He would not submit to me.

12   So I gave him over to his stubborn heart,

    to follow his own counsel.

13   Oh, that Bob would listen to me,

    that He would walk in my ways!

14   I would soon subdue his enemies

    and turn my hand against his foes.

15   Those who hate the LORD would cringe toward Bob,

    and their fate would last forever.

16   But God would feed Bob with the finest of the wheat,

    and with honey from the rock I would satisfy Bob.”

I wouldn’t suggest anyone use this method while “building the foundation” of your core beliefs, but it does occasionally help to more clearly understand the precept of scripture, and gives it increased impact!


Author: livinginthemastersshadow

Christian, Conservative, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Retired Engineer, Firefighter, Paramedic, Elder in the Church, Hunter, Fisherman and Fisher of men

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