Dear Mom:
If Mary is reading this to you, it means that soon you’ll be traveling to your new home Heaven, soon. As you know Mom, I’m not a Priest or theologian, but I have done a considerable amount of reading about heaven in the Bible, and thought I would share a little with you since that is probably the next place we will all meet.
Following are just some of the promises about heaven found in the Bible.
There is no sickness, no pain, no tears, no suffering, no sadness no loneliness or heartbreak in Heaven.
Just the opposite abounds, Bliss, Joy, Happiness and wonderful fellowship

Heaven is a place, it has streets that look as though they’re made of gold, it has gates with expensive jewels and stones found in them.

In Heaven you’ll be given the perfect body, the one you had when you were a young girl, the one you first shared with the man of your love, the one that was so beautiful.

You will be known in Heaven as you are here, and you will see those who have gone there before you. 

You will be transfigured, while we don’t know exactly what this means, we do know that it enables you to be near God, and that you will have sweet fellowship with Him.

Jesus left over 2000 years ago to and began to prepare a mansion for you in heaven. It awaits you even now, a glorious place built by God himself.

Heaven is eternal as are you. You will one day come back to a new Earth to live here forever with God and with all of us.

We who believe in Jesus will meet you in Heaven one day, and we will have a wonderful reunion.

Heaven exists as sure as God exists, as sure as we are here, as sure as all of the stars are in the sky and the water is in the seas.  

And Heaven is GOD’S promise to you. God doesn’t default on His promises. He will be faithful as long as you are faithful.

What is really neat about going to Heaven is that all you have to do is believe in JESUS. Millions of people and organizations have tried to make it more complicated than that for centuries, but JESUS came 2000 years ago to simplify the message. HE DID. Simply believe on HIM, and Heaven is yours, and ours too.

So don’t be anxious about moving on Mom. It’s a wonderful place to go. We will see you there some day (and all of us kids) will keep you in our thoughts until then. We love you today and will love you even then.  
Love,     Your Son, Bob.                                                          Bob Nejedlo 4/7/2005
A note from Bob;  I posted this letter written to my dying mother (June Nejedlo), because I thought perhaps others may be in similar circumstances and find the words God graciously gave back then.

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Christian, Conservative, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Retired Engineer, Firefighter, Paramedic, Elder in the Church, Hunter, Fisherman and Fisher of men

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