Something we as citizens have been doing far too long!
I have noticed a trend in U.S. politics in recent years. Perhaps you too have seen news stories about things happening with similar sequences of events:

 An individual, (usually one frequently in the public’s eye), makes a protest of some nature. The protest is a simple statement or act that is easy, and very repeatable! More importantly, it is hopefully something that will offend many others!

The media immediately broadcasts this at its fullest, with no comments about its’ appropriateness or inappropriateness. No investigation, no analysis.

Someone disagrees with the protesters subject or methods, and the media is suddenly broadcasts this at its’ fullest but also adds commentary on how divisive the criticism is!

If this “trial balloon” floats, the Media runs with it for weeks, maybe months! If not, it dies a quick death, and soon there is another incident, and the cycle continues!
I’ve just described the process involved, but to what purpose? Not to make a successful protest, nor help a cause! The purpose here is, it seems, to frustrate the powers that be, to embarrass the elected President, indeed to cause as much confusion and public dismay as possible and if possible cause this new President’s failure!  

I hardly think that all the players in this story are a part of a “well organized Left Wing Conspiracy”! I do believe however, that those who are in powerful enough positions to “start these balls rolling”, do so! The Far Left began the process if using “Identity Based Politics” at a large scale during Obama’s first election and have stepped it up greatly since! With a partially black, newly Muslim, Football Player, it was taking a knee. With college students it was protesting Conservative Invitees about their planned speech. With politicians it was “the Russians” did it! With Muslims it is a proclamation that they are offended! With blacks, it’s White Privilege. And the list of incidents continues to grow! It’s hard to believe, but today the new Media Beef being emphasized is inappropriate expenditures of the Whitehouse Staff! Hmm, nothing ever, about the Obamas breaking all records for both family and executive travel! Hmm, I guess this is just another of the strange coincidences in the reporting of the news we see! Don’t get me wrong, I’m against all Government waste, but the reporting should be balanced!

No, it’s time for us as a people to recognize exactly what we are being fed and by whom! It’s not bad enough that today’s Media is reporting Fake News, but it is also “Filtering” the news we hear! So, the News is filled with Goodies from the Left, but Uglies from the Right! Our Police are always wrong, but the rioters right! Our students are smart and superior, agreeing with their teachers (who hold that years GPA over them) but their parents are ignorant dopes! The guy who yells racist, homophobe or bigot has got to be justified, but the average American being yelled at must always be guilty!  
This hurts America! If the media is correct (and We the People are wrong) when they insinuate that our President is incapable, and then they work toward his removal, why do we have elections? Why doesn’t the media do a better job of investigating the Candidates before they are elected? Isn’t that WHY we need a free press? Now, citizens don’t trust ANYBODY because trust, integrity, and obedience to the law seem to be totally absent to us down here in the trenches!  

I’m almost 70 years old and when I sit back and comprehend where we are, I’m damned scared! If this 200 year young experiment in the being a “Government of the People” fails, what’s left? It seems to me that the Establishment Politicians in both major parties have ceased being statesmen! It seems that the Businessman President (with his sharp tongue), that we elected needs help, NOT opposition! It seems that the Media has to recognize that it is responsible to US, the PEOPLE! It seems that black people have to recognize that WE the PEOPLE are NOT racists! It seems that WE the PEOPLE are not perfect, but have flaws, everyone of us! It seems that the Unity we once had is yet within our reach if WE all do what it seems is or DUTY, and a Commandment of our God if you believe in Him! It seems we NEED to LOVE one another!

Author: livinginthemastersshadow

Christian, Conservative, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Retired Engineer, Firefighter, Paramedic, Elder in the Church, Hunter, Fisherman and Fisher of men

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