Genesis of the Liberal Media

Why should it seem strange to Americans of this Century that virtually all of the Broadcast & Print News organizations are Liberal? Isn’t this how we as a nation aloud them to begin and grow? The same Companies that own and control the production of the movies, shows, Magazines & Papers that entertain us also control the news we see! The Ownership/management principles are rooted in the presentation of images that sell!  
They have always had the power to choose what we would ultimately see & hear. In the 40s, most Americans did not know that FDR was in a wheel chair for years! In the 60s, we did not hear about JFKs extra-marital affairs until well after his death! At one time the Managing Editor of one of America’s largest newspaper was reported to have answered a question regarding the difference between journalists and reporters this way, “journalists dig up stories that make THEM famous, reporters simply report the facts”!  

The very nature of the Entertainment Industry is to “live as close to the edge” of decency as they can. Why? To increase readership, viewing and circulation! Slowly, this self promoting motivation nudged out the “old fashioned” responsibility of reporting ALL the news as NEWS no-matter the politics. The Media outlets after all are both Capitalistic and Radically Progressive and were committed to obtaining as much freedom from “old fashioned” ideas about ethics and morals as possible! On the Entertainment side of the business there was the natural trend of always diminishing the stature of authoritative figures to make them appear foolish, old-fashioned, prideful and wrong! Think I’m wrong? Try to remember many movies where Dad, the Police, the Priest or Minister didn’t look stupid since the 1960s! This was not a great conspiracy! We as a nation laid the groundwork to allow this to occur because we longed for simplistic entertainment at any or anyone’s expense! We were out in the audience laughing through the years! And our some of our Churches tried to warn us in their Sunday morning services, but they too grew weary of the battle and conceded, for the most part, to the overwhelming power that we had given the Media!  
As I stated earlier, as the News Media Networks grew together with their Entertainment counterparts, over the decades, they fell into lockstep with one another! So, having The Clinton’s Chief of Staff move over to a Major Network’s daily talk show was easy and didn’t seem inappropriate at all! Evening TV Series whose plots were strangely similar to current events became more common! News Anchors editorializing and “talking heads” with specialized opinions became the norm! “We report, You decide” became a rare thing! Now, we are influenced as much by what we DO NOT hear as we do the mis-leading opinionated news we hear!  
If it weren’t for the internet giving Americans at least some alternative News options to consider, we would continue being led like cattle to the marketplace for slaughter! We still have a mountain of investigating to do as we consider “that” Internet News Menu, but at least it’s there!  
It’s not an ideal situation. It would be nice if we had found a way to have kept the Entertainment Industry separate from our News, and under better control than we did! Even as I write this a small voice is present yelling “censorship!”, so I get there was, and will always be “issues” with controlling certain “free speech type” industries! But a good example of one that is currently being allowed to spiral out of control is the Porn Industry on the internet! We as a nation have become so reluctant to oppose the “Far Left” that we turn our heads to this disgusting reality! Our fearful Politicians and our reluctant Clergy rarely mention it. But, us Parents and Grand Parents see it and are very worried about its affect on our children and our nation!
ALAS, it is my hope that expressed opinions such as this might at least generate some discussion about how we got here. Wouldn’t it be nice if it led to some solutions.

Author: livinginthemastersshadow

Christian, Conservative, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Retired Engineer, Firefighter, Paramedic, Elder in the Church, Hunter, Fisherman and Fisher of men

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