From this Morning’s Devotion:

Why Seemingly Bad things Happen  

mans life is like a fruit tree. It yields multiple fruits. Some is not ripe, some is ready for Harvest and yet some are beyond ripe and have become harmful. Occasionally the orchard owner will come and shake each branch, causing the ripe and over ripe to fall and be either discarded or used. That which remains make the tree even healthier! The tree continues to grow according to the orchard Owners plan.  
 We continually prioritize our values into two categories, “Needs & Wants”. Occasionally we need to submit ourselves to God’s instruction and let him shake us to make us healthier so we produce more healthy fruit, and rid us of unwanted elements that harm us! He does this both for our own good and because He has a plan for us!

Sept 6, 2017
Bob Nejedlo

Author: livinginthemastersshadow

Christian, Conservative, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Retired Engineer, Firefighter, Paramedic, Elder in the Church, Hunter, Fisherman and Fisher of men

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