The Seashore Calls

The Sea Shore Calls
by Bob Nejedlo

May 24, 2015

My boyhood home stood about 100 yards off the waters edge of Green Bay. To my great fortune, my bedroom window faced north. On windy evenings I could lay in bed and hear the waves wash up on the sandy beach.

I often find myself closing my eyes and traveling back to the peaceful tranquility of that shore. It’s easy to feel my feet slowly sinking into the wet sand and the water’s flow rushing in and out over and through my toes.

No matter the place we travel, the water’s edge seems to draw those of us that quietly listened to her call! She says “remember home”! Include me in your life! Try and forget me! You will not, you cannot!

In my late teens I found myself in the service and laying on the beach of a Number of Southern Pacific Islands. While an awesome Ocean, it still whispered the same message as her waves quietly attacked the beach. “Remember Me”!

When as a husband and father I took my family on camping excursions, it was always near water. A nice crystal blue Wisconsin lake or a early spring driven fast flowing river! Both cried out in their own way, “are you thinking of me?” “Can you forget? The answer was always no.

One very important day, while reading my bible at home, i realized that the Christ that hung on that cross thousands of years earlier knew me. I mean, he knew “my name” as he hung there! It was then that I received the reality that God was still seeking me, and I acknowledged him. A few weeks later I was being baptized, and there I was at the water’s edge again.

When I spent months at a time in the cold North Atlantic aboard a 327 foot Coast Guard Cutter on Weather Patrol and Sea Rescue, I spent hours watching the huge swells roll on past and under us. Each spoke to me saying “Come home”!

As I slowly traversed the fall of my life I studied Scripture constantly. Even there the water’s edge seemed to call. In the early and latter rains. In the splitting of the sea! In Jonah’s struggle in obeying God! In Jesus and Peter in the water!
God spoke such volumes to me as His Word brought maturity to my life. Yet… Concurrently when envisioning the water while reading, another small voice brought me back to the quiet shores of Green Bay on Lakeside Place.

Now I’m in the winter of my life. Physicians tell me my time is short. Little do they know that God is also whispering to me “Don’t worry Bob, be at peace, I’m taking care of you”. You see, while I’m remembering those wonderful things, I sensed not only the shores of Green Bay, but, God calling me to yet another shore!

A shore on which I will be able lie on my back next to the Lord himself! A quiet place where He will explain to me all the mysteries of the universe. Where he will show me not only how these things I never understood came to be, or “happened”, but also why! A shore that will be eternal and always pleasing to be on! A shore from which I shall never leave, but will stay on, and worship him! A shore that I hope to see you on some day.

And now, months after the Medical Professionals said I should count on being on “that shore”, I find myself healed, well and leading an abundant life! God spoke to my wife and I and told us to place our future in His hands! We finally did so! Last week I got on my bike and peddled to the lake a half mile from our home. As I lay on the beach listing to the small waves of rippling water reach the shore, I thank my God for His wonderful presence!

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Christian, Conservative, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Retired Engineer, Firefighter, Paramedic, Elder in the Church, Hunter, Fisherman and Fisher of men

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